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Thank You to the Madison Siblings at Fast Signs

On this first day of spring, it’s only natural to think about the blooms popping up around town. We especially like the lawn ornaments in support of our Sandy Springs Police Department. What started with a single resident wanting to show support, has spread faster than this season’s pollen count.

A special thank you to Kristen and William Madison. The brother-sister team co-owns Fast Signs of Sandy Springs, and they’ve been making and donating the support signs on behalf of SSPD. We caught them chatting and sign sharing with Dr. Charan Shikh, Deputy Chief Keith Zgnoc and Captain Mike Lindstrom this afternoon. A thanks to Dr. Shikh as well. While the signs are free, he provided a donation to the Sandy Springs Benevolent Fund which provides assistance for all of our public safety personnel in times of need. We live in a very caring community!!

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